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Thread: My 2 cents

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    My 2 cents

    What the F**k! every second page in Muscle Mag and Flex is Muscle Tech adds and all these b4 and after pics. Now if i can remember correctly cigarette companines were being charged for false advertisement of their LIGHT brands. Saying that the term light was misleading b/c it actually contained the same amount of tabacco. Well why the hell are they not doing the same with muscle tech. All these un-educated teens are picking up these mags, dishing out the cash, and getting screwed. This not only hurts them financially but emotionally as well. It F**king obivious that most if not all of them used some sort of as. Granted their is the odd exception in the group but most of them are full of AS! Where the poor teenager is lead to believe that muscle tech did all that. I just think its a crock of sh@t!

    PS I haven't picked up a muscle mag or flex in a couple years now which would explain my shock, and no i don't smoke.

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    If you notice the person has totally changed as well. i.e., there facila features and hair. Obviously those pictures were either taken some time ago or as Intensity put it, they are using gear. No freaking way can they gain that much in 8-10 weeks. I agree with you FI, it's all bullsh*t. But what can you do , the magazine doesn't give a rats ass because Muscle tech and other supplements are giving them good money. And if I am not mistaking, isn't Muscle Tech the owner or contributor of MUscle Mag? I may be wrong, but that's what I thought I heard. Whatever it maybe, it sucks.

    Good observation Full Intensity!

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    That is very true. I can not look at mags too often these days. The ads are full of BS. And several pages at that. They just sprinkle in a few articles amoung the ads. You can only hope that through education that people will be able to make better choices. the saying is still true today "buyer beware"

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