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    Post Interesting Read on Nick Berg story....

    Posted on Freakz, Yet another Interesting read...................

    I'm to the point I don;t know what to think, except
    that was a horrible way for anyone to die and those
    responsible need to be punished...

    Creating A Diversion
    How the US CIA/Mililtary/Bush Administration Killed Another American

    The liars in the Bush Administration were in another big mess.

    It goes on and on and on and on.

    From the farce that was 911 * to the capturing and imprisonment (and later release) of Afghani goat herders in Guantanamo Bay * while Bin Laden and his lieutenants were "escorted" to safety into Pakistan by their handlers - the CIA.

    No ties between Hussein and Bin Laden (mortal enemies).

    No weapons of Mass Destruction (We KNOW where they are).

    We take down an "evil regime" and then put the same generals in charge in Fallujah.

    We "liberate" the country by rounding up and torturing civilians. Rumsfeld goes before Congress on Wednesday (5/12) and says the Iraqi women who were raped and the children who were beaten and the 90% of all detainees who had to be released AFTER torture * these all were "terrorists". Therefore, the Geneva Convention and rules of war do not apply to raping and torturing because these "terrorists" do not belong to an Army.

    Everything was going South * deservedly so * and the Bush Administration needed help.

    Enter poor Nick Berg.

    Nick Berg was a telecommunications contractor who went into Iraq to "help". But he and his family were not unknown to US authorities.

    On March 7, 2004, an 'enemies' list of anti-war groups and individuals was posted on the Free Republic.

    Among those listed was this entry: "Michael S. Berg, Teacher, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc." That's Nick Berg's father, Michael who acts as business manager for his son in their family radio communications firm, Prometheus Methods Tower Service.

    Just days after "Michael Berg" and "Prometheus Methods Tower Service" had come up on that Iraq war 'enemies' list, his son Nick Berg returned to Iraq under the business name of Prometheus Methods Tower Service.

    Nick was detained, first by Iraqi police, then for 13 days by the United States military in Iraq. He was in US custody and admittedly questioned by the FBI 3 separate times. They would not release him * nor press charges * nor let him speak to an attorney.

    He was a "terrorist sympathizer" and detained in a US orange jumpsuit (like those in Guantanamo) and put in a cell with Syrians and Iraqis.

    Yet they now claim Nick Berg was NEVER in US custody. Oh really?

    To back its claims that Berg was in U.S. custody, the family gave The Associated Press copies of e-mails from Beth A. Payne, the U.S. consular officer in Iraq.

    "I have confirmed that your son, Nick, is being detained by the U.S. military in Mosul. He is safe. He was picked up approximately one week ago. We will try to obtain additional information regarding his detention and a contact person you can communicate with directly,'' Payne wrote to Berg's father, Michael, on April 1. Payne repeated that Berg was "being detained by the U.S. military'' in an e-mail the same day to Berg's mother, Suzanne.

    Frustrated by their inability to find out about their son's whereabouts, The Berg's filed a lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia on April 5 asserting that their son was being held by the American military in violation of his civil rights.

    "His parents contacted our office, the F.B.I., the State Department," said Representative Jim Gerlach, a Republican from Upper Uwchlan Township in Pennsylvania.

    Representative Gerlach met with the Berg family on Tuesday. "They got very insufficient information,'' he said. "They felt that they were not getting full answers."

    Nick Berg's father, Michael Berg was publicly furious, "I think a lot of people are fed up with the lack of civil rights this thing has caused," he said. "I don't think this administration is committed to democracy."

    The Berg's filed a lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia on April 5. A day later, Nick Berg was released. He contacted his parents and told them that he was coming home. The following day he checked out of his hotel in Baghdad, and disappeared.

    At the height of the US torture scandal, Nick Berg's body was "discovered" on Saturday May 8, having reportedly been decapitated the same day by muslim radicals * specifically Al Queda.

    And, almost miraculously, a video appears worldwide showing "Al Queda" in possession of Mr. Berg (somehow still wearing his orange jumpsuit) at which time he is supposedly beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi * whom Americans claim is Al Queda's lead man in Iraq. Not only does Al Queda record the video, but Zarqawi's name and "signature" appear on it.

    Convenient? Oh, and how.

    Yet there are many problems with this explanation.

    Long ago, when trying to tie Al Queda with Iraq, Colin Powell claimed that Zarqawi was fitted with a prosthetic leg in a Baghdad hospital (which, at the time, was touted as being a major indication of a connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein).

    Yet the killer in the video walks and moves around with both legs just fine. Zarqawi could not be the killer. So why would all the killers wear hoods to hide their identity, and then sign the video with their own name and call themselves Al Queda?

    It never happened. As reported both by the London Telegraph and CNN (CNN Transcript) :

    O'BRIEN: Interesting. All right, now one final thought here. You did a very careful translation of your own, of the statement. And in it, you see no reference to al Qaeda. And yet the official U.S. government translation does. Explain how that happened.

    NASR: Oh, I find it very interesting, because out of the blue, there is a mention of al Qaeda on the U.S. government translation. It says: "Does al Qaeda need any further excuses?" Any speaker of the Arabic language is going to notice a difference between the word al Qaeda, which means "the base," and al qaed, which means "the one sitting, doing nothing."

    My translation says: "Is there any excuse for the one who sits down and does nothing?" Basically they're telling people, you have no excuse for not doing anything, for not acting and defending Islam and so forth. Whereas the U.S. government translation adds al Qaeda to the statement, which is not on the statement.

    But it gets much, much worse.

    The Berg video is a montage of two separate videos taken from two cameras. This is apparent from the time in the lower right-hand corner, which changes as the angle of the shot changes.

    Notice on the right that Berg's head has been cut off at 13:47:49 (1:47) * yet on the picture on the left, at 2:44 * nearly an hour later * he is sitting with his head intact!

    In the video shown all over the world, the man in the middle (wearing all black) is the one who beheads Mr. Berg, but immediately when the head is held up, suddenly it changes to the man in the white mask.

    Additionally, the audio is 7 seconds off from the video.

    So what, you say?

    So let's see, an American who is considered an enemy of the US war suddenly is taken prisoner in Iraq, which the US denies, until his family produces e-mails from the US office in Iraq and sues and then he is miraculously released * though supposedly he wasn't in custody. Can the government ever tell the truth?

    Then he disappears * and resurfaces only as the US is in dire need of an incident to try to put to rest the coverage of their torture in Iraq.

    Suddenly, a US enemy-of-the-state ends up in Al Queda's hands * and not just their hands * but the leaderships * who signs a video saying he killed him * though the guy who supposedly kills him has a prosthetic leg and the guy in the video clearly doesn't.

    Then it's released all over the world that Al Queda did not claim to do this and that the US intentionally doctored the transcripts.

    Why would a guy in US custody for weeks, after being released for a day and getting ready to go home, not take off the ****ed orange prison jumpsuit?

    Why do the hooded "Al Queda" guys appear so white? Muslims say the accents are not middle eastern at all.

    Does this guy look like an Arab?

    Go back up and look at the "group of 5" arab Terrorists. Does their look and body language and white

    Skin say arab or US military dressed in terrorist garb?

    The only plausible alternative is a covert, black operation orchestrated as part of the seedier arm of US foreign policy --which generally only come to light when candid

    photographs, for example, reach the public domain.

    NBC news (Andrea Mitchell) reported on May 6 that special operations forces, including both Delta Force and Navy SEALs, were also involved in abusing prisoners in Iraq.

    In order to cover themselves, the government has released information that Nick Berg was investigated during the 09/11 investigation for having ties to Zacharias Moussaoui. Supposedly, Moussaoui was using Berg's email address. Is it possible Nick is a member of the new formed Jewish Al Qaida?

    The lies will keep coming from this administration until the people put a stop to it.


    Two More VERY Suspicious
    Berg Video Anomalies
    From Timothy Jenkin
    Lansing, Iowa

    Dear Jeff,

    I am writing to you with utmost urgency. I find this Video of Nick Bergs Killing by alledged Arab terrorist groups most disconcerting for many untold facts and observations.

    1) The Time set on the Video is indicative to 24 hourtime and most Videos have a 2 stage setting one in regular standard time, ie: am-pm and one for 24 hr. time or MILITARYTIME!

    My Question: Why would Terrorists find it relevant to set their time to Military Time? Would it be more likely that a US intel or military person or officer would have their video camera set to Military Time out of reflex of training? My answer is YES!

    2) Why is the man on the far left standing at Parade Rest??

    This seems further evidence the raises suspicions that these men were NOT Arab faction Terrorists! Parade Rest is also - and would be a REFLEX action - that is TRAINED into Military personnel and becomes a HABIT!

    I find this Video Very, Very argumentive and points a STRONG finger at the US Intelligence communties complicitcy in the berg death.


    Timothy Jenkin
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    Egh... good read.. take it for whats its worth.. no matter who did it.. they should fry for it.. And they should really stop piggy backing the poor guys death..

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    Pretty sketchy details for sure. Would be interesting to find out that he was an al quidea operative and they executed their own man for publicity...

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    I find a lot of that hard to believe seeing as the government offered him protection on many occasions and he always turned it down.....not saying its his fault or anything, just that the liberal media needs to focus more on the facts than getting Bush out of office. Not that Bush should be in office...but thats another discussion.

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    Interesting article

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    Another conspiracy, I say BULL****.

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    I'm noticing all of these so called "Conspiracy Articles" are all just rip offs of other ones... I'm after reading the same sh|t 5 times now... Orange Jump suit, chair, Russian dialect, lack of blood... etc... It's all the same and pretty weak if you ask me. This falls under the saying... "Grasping at straws"

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    Next thing you know, they will believe OJ Simpson was framed. Lack of blood, the glove (I mean the chair and the paint) Bergs bronco parked on the lawn.

    People are so quick to jump on the easiest thing to believe.

    They will also believe that "BONSAI" kitties are real too because they saw it on the internet. If it is on the internet, someone must have taken the time to research such a thing. People dont waste time putting lies up on the internet. People cant find time for such foolish games. It must be true.

    Just like they believe the government is gonna charge 5 cents for every email.
    Or if you send this to ten people then the cancer society will donate 10 cents for every email sent.

    Or just like aliens came down and made crop circles because someone came up with such a convincing story and pictures. You cant fake pictures. Thats just absurd.

    Or, or, or..........

    The train bombing was ALSO the conspiracy of the bush administration. Why hasnt that one come out yet???? The bush administration killed 200 people on the train to make it look like Al queda..... Im sure if that was on your democratic message board, you would give it some thought.
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    It was the one armed man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaSlamma
    It was the one armed man.

    No no. You got it confused. He has one leg. Cant you tell in the video...

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    whatever happened the guy still died in the worse most horrible way imaginable! thats all that counts and the culprits must be caught!

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    good read buff

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    These conspiracies are written by anti-Bush activists and Terrorist Sympathizers.

    ...or maybe it was released by the government to test how well they covered their tracks when killing this boy!!! Dun-dun-dunnnn!!!!!!

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    anyone have seen The Life of David Gale with kevin spacey??? there is some similarity in that movie and this story....

    conspiracy or not theres radicals anywhere...

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