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    Your Doctor, Your Dealer

    I just stumbled on this website and just had to share it with everyone here.....

    "The best dealer in town is… your doctor! "


    ......Ps. Mods, I hope I'm not breaking any source posting rules
    If I am... Please delete.

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    Hell if I could only get the doc to prescribe hgh and insurance pay for it I would be doing ok....LOL

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    Cool Re: Your Doctor, Your Dealer

    Originally posted by ECKO 747
    This is actually a very funny article, but it should be taken as that - largely (though not totally) a satire.

    One thing the author did not mention that might be helpful if anyone wants to try to pull this off: If you are going for labwork for total testosterone , do it in the late afternoon. Your test levels are the highest in the morning and tend to ebb later in the day.

    If anything, I tend to look at the pharmacy as more of a dealer, and the doctor as more of a facilitator. (Without the facilitator, you'll have no luck at the dealer.)

    (Suddenly, I'm having this fantasy about a roid head that tries to pull off an armed robbery of a drug store. Except that instead of robbing them of Oxycontin, he walks in with a shopping list and says, "Okay, give me all of your test, clomid, nolva . . .")
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