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    R.I.P. Joe Manchisi please read!!!

    please make a prayer for Joe tonight. today his his funeral god bless his soul

    Body found in Quebec believed to be third victim of Moore
    Remains discovered 26 km from where other Mississauga man found
    Wednesday, April 28, 2004
    TORONTO - Two Quebec park employees stumbled across a body yesterday afternoon believed to be that
    of Joseph Manchisi, a 20-year-old man from Mississauga, one of three young men allegedly killed by
    deceased sexual predator Douglas Moore.
    Surete du Quebec spokesman Gerard Carrier said last night the body was found in high grass on the edge
    of the St. Lawrence Seaway, in Ville Ste. Catherine, Que., at about 1:30 p.m.
    The employees were cleaning the western section of the park for the summer opening when they
    discovered a body "with evident marks of violence" and called police.
    "It was not possible to identify the identity or to establish the sex of the victim," Mr. Carrier said in an
    interview last night.
    The body was found approximately 25 kilometres northeast of the wooded area where the body of Robert
    Grewal, 22, was discovered, decapitated and without hands. Investigators from Peel region and Halton
    region had been searching in that area of Quebec ever since Mr. Grewal's body, originally found on Nov.
    15 in Ville Mercier by a lumberjack, was positively identified in the first week of April through DNA testing.
    The two men, who were close friends, were last seen together on Nov. 12, 2003, in Mississauga. Despite
    the lag in time, police said yesterday they believe the young men were killed within that three-day span.
    Investigators "strongly believe" the remains are those of Mr. Manchisi, said Sergeant Todd Moore, a
    spokesman with the Peel police force.
    The Manchisi family, who had been notified of the discovery earlier yesterday, did not wish to comment
    when contacted last night, ahead of the official police announcement.
    "Like any parents, this whole ordeal has traumatized them," Sgt. Moore said. "Regardless of the outcome,
    you want to know where your child is."
    An autopsy scheduled for today in Montreal will work to determine the identity of the victim through
    forensic testing.
    Moore's alleged third victim, 15-year-old Rene Charlebois, was discovered on March 15 in a landfill north
    of Orangeville. Moore, 36, died of an apparent suicide in a cell at the Maplehurst Detention Centre on April
    "Douglas Moore continues to be a prime suspect in the commission of these offences," Sgt. Moore said.
    On April 13, police arrested a 14-year-old boy and charged him with two counts of helping Moore dispose
    of evidence of the killings and of helping dump the bodies of Messrs. Manchisi and Grewal. The boy's
    identity cannot be revealed under provisions of Ontario's Youth Criminal Justice Act.
    Allan Woods
    National Post
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    He returns to court on May 5.
    Moore was arrested on March 15 on 11 charges of sexual assault against three young children, two of
    whom were assaulted while in the care of a Caledon foster family. In December, 1997, he completed an
    eight-year prison term for sexually assaulting several individuals, including youths.
    Moore was well known in his Mississauga neighbourhood as a drug dealer and often had young people
    visiting his house, including Rene Charlebois.
    Moore was rumoured to be seeking revenge against Messrs. Grewal and Manchisi for a drug-related
    robbery at his home.
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    Apr. 28, 2004. 01:00 AM
    Milton man's body discovered
    Believed to be third victim
    Suspect killed himself in jail
    The remains of a Milton man, believed to be a victim of suspected serial killer Douglas Donald Moore,
    have been found near Montreal.
    Family members were told late yesterday afternoon that DNA tests are expected to reveal that the
    remains belong to Giuseppe (Joseph) Manchisi. The 20-year-old man disappeared Nov. 12 with his
    friend Robert Grewal, 22, of Mississauga.
    Moore, 36, is the prime suspect in the slayings of Manchisi and Grewal, as well as that of Rene
    Charlebois, 15, of Mississauga. The teenager's remains were discovered in a landfill site north of
    Orangeville in March.
    Moore, a convicted pedophile, killed himself in jail on April 2 before he could be charged with the
    murders. Grewal's body was found in November. Peel police Sergeant Todd Moore confirmed last
    night that homicide investigators "strongly believe" the remains found yesterday afternoon along the
    St. Lawrence Seaway shoreline were those of Manchisi.
    Customers arriving last night for dinner at Stecchino's Italian Eatery, a Milton restaurant owned by
    Manchisi's father Joe, were told the restaurant was closed.
    "It's a sad day for Joe and all of us. All along we were still hoping," family friend Daniel Grdosic said.
    "He found out about 4 or 5 o'clock today, and he asked me to close the restaurant.
    "Joe's with his family tonight. His whole family are together. He just doesn't want to talk to anyone
    else about it today."
    Police told a news conference that two people discovered the human remains about 1:30 p.m. in a rural
    area near the St. Lawrence Seaway shoreline in Côte Ste-Catherine.
    The area is about 20 to 25 kilometres north of where Grewal's mutilated remains were found on Nov.
    15. ADNA match wasn't made until April 7. Police sergeant Moore wouldn't reveal the condition of
    the remains found yesterday except to say that "obvious trauma" had been done to them. But he said
    DNA testing and an autopsy being conducted in Montreal were expected to confirm the identity of the
    Peel and Halton police have been searching for the past two weeks in the wooded area where Grewal's
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    remains were located by a lumberjack near Ville Mercier.
    Moore said last night that yesterday's discovery was "surprising" in that the remains were found so far
    from where police were actively searching.
    Manchisi and Grewal disappeared the morning of Nov. 12. Grewal told his mother he and his friend
    were going to a local Tim Hortons and would return in about 10 minutes.
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    Page 2 of 2 - Milton man's body discovered
    Wed, April 28, 2004
    Headless body believed to be Moore victim
    A HEADLESS and handless corpse believed to be missing murder victim Giuseppe "Joe"
    Manchisi was found yesterday in a nature park near Montreal, Quebec police sources say.
    Civilians found the badly decomposed corpse partially buried in parkland on the St.
    Lawrence Seaway, near Cote Ste.-Catharine, about 25 km south of Montreal and northeast
    of the hamlet of Mercier, where the remains of Manchisi's pal Robert Grewal were found five
    months ago.
    Grewal, 22, of Mississauga, and Manchisi, 20, of Milton, went missing Nov. 12 and Peel
    Regional Police believe they were murdered by drug dealer and pedophile Douglas Donald
    Moore is said to have blamed Grewal and Manchisi for a drug ripoff at his Meadowvale
    townhouse and vowed revenge.
    At a press conference at Peel police headquarters in Brampton last night, Sgt. Todd Moore
    said the "severe trauma" condition of the body and its discovery close to Grewal's body lead
    homicide officers to strongly suspect it was Manchisi.
    Manchisi's presumed corpse will undergo an autopsy in Montreal today.
    "I want to stress that at this time ... this is not confirmed, as DNA tests have yet to be
    completed," Sgt. Moore said.
    A 14-year-old teen has been charged with helping Moore transport and dispose of the
    bodies and evidence.
    Peel and Halton homicide officers and police cadaver dogs were busy searching the Mercier
    area yesterday when civilians apparently stumbled on the body site.
    Manchisi's family is "traumatized," Sgt. Moore said.
    Moore, 36, killed himself in Maplehurst jail April 2, three weeks after his arrest for alleged
    sex offences against three pre-teen wards of the Peel Children's Aid society. Moore
    befriended the foster family and often babysat and took the kids on weekend sleepovers.
    Moore is also the prime suspect in the slaying of 15-year-old Meadowvale schoolboy Rene
    Charlebois, whose remains were found in an Orangeville area landfill site last month.
    Moore is believed to have supplied drugs to Charlebois and other teens.
    Page 1 of 1 Toronto Sun: - Headless body believed to be Moore victim
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    That's simply horrid. May God be with his family, and may he be at peace.

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    i just came from the wake and tell u guys it was the most difficult thing ive had to do in a long time. it didnt hit me until i steped in the funeral home and seen his casket their with a picture of on top of it. it shame to have to see one of ur best friends cut down in the prime of his life. god forgive him for getting in what he did but he did not deserve this. on top of everything to have to know that my friend is lying there headless and handless. His wife is also charged with accessory after the fact as was released friday or something on 35000 dolar bail. she gets to see freedom while his family and friends mourn.

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    my heart goes out to ya

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    joe manchisi 21 years old next saturday
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    robert grewal
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