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    Ten Definitions of a turtle head

    1) a popping turd out of the anus screaming and punishing you because you didnt take the time to **** this morning

    2) When you have to take a crap so bad that it starts inching its way out!!!

    3) what would be call the "head" of the terd poking out just to annoy you until you make it to the bathroom

    4) the little hard piece of **** at the very tip of ones butt hole

    5) a **** that knocks at your underpants.

    6) another name for anuncircumcised penis

    7) A distinct piece of feces pertruding out of a homosapiens rectum. The "piece" is slightly cone shaped and peeking out as would a common turtle from its shell.

    8) poop about to burst out, usu. at the southern end of a person, but sometimes out of a different crevice of the human body, such as the face

    9) The tip of a turd that has opened your asshole just enough to peek out at the world.

    10) Pooop at peaking out of my ass to see you

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    dude ive got a dolphin stickin outta my ass, i gotta go

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    did he just say feces??? LOL

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