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    Was in an accident : (

    This last month I have had the worst luck, I have not been able to work out for over 2 months. I had an injury near my neck which prevented me from working out, then 3 weeks ago I had an motorcycle injury. My leg got fractured, I am so frustrated about this. Hopefully my leg will heal by then and I can just jump on the juice train. But what got me so upset was not that I had to spend $4000 dollars to fix my 999r and it was not my fault a car hit me, then they left the scene. It was when I went to the hospital, I was there for 4 hours, these gintinders walked in just had an cut on there hands and they were served first. The problem was that I spoke english and was born in this country(CANADA). I pay my taxes for this OHIP and the one time I need it I can't get it. Another thing is that the nurse told me that I was making an mess on the floor because of my blood. You believe that, first off I have insurance but I am to scared to put a claim because it might go up. Second I pay almost $55,000 in taxes a year and I cannot get any help when I need . We have these people who come to this country and as soon as they get off the boat they go to the welfare office. And even after 2 years, they are still on welfare and the only contribution they do is drain the economy and get treated like gold. When my parents arrived here 35 years ago they scraficed so much, for my family. No help from the goverment, by no one. Worked 18 hour 7 days a week. I myself work 7 days a week but not crazy hours like those but still work hard and I get treated like a third class citizen. Anyway there is my 2 cents (really 45 % )

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    Bro that sucks I feel for ya

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    I hear that...

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