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    Noah is told by God to build an arc and get all the animals of the world on it in pairs as he is going to create a great storm that will flood the world. Noah agrees and does so, rounding up pairs of all the animals and getting them on the arc. The storm comes and the world is flooded. Noah, his wife and all the animals drift on the waves.

    After a month Noah is worried and talks to God, he says "God, I am concerned that we are going to sink, all the animals are shagging their brains out, the arc is rocking from side to side with the motion and water is constantly spilling over the sides, what should I do?". God says to Noah "With the powers I have bestowed on you, remove the animals cocks give them tickets and when the flood dries up and they leave the arc they can give their tickets in and get their cocks back.". "Brilliant!" replies Noah, "I shall do this immediately!". Noah does as God suggested and all the animals get tickets to hand in when they leave the arc.

    The day comes when the flood dries up and Noah lets the animals off the arc to roam free again. As the male animals leave the arc they hand their tickets to Noah and they get their cocks re-attatched and in full working order. Noah spots the male monkey is next in line and see's that he's dancing and singing as he approaches Noah. Noah says "I know you are getting your cock back and are able to roam free again, but why are you so much happier than the rest of the animals?" To which the monkey replies -

    "I've got the elephants ticket!"

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