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Thread: Need Advice!!

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    Need Advice!!

    It's been over two years since I've been with my old (common law) girlfriend, we where together for three years and I still think about her. She called about three months back wanting to meet but out of pride I said no, (and because she is five years older and has two young children) which at the time was kind of hard to relate too. After all this time I still think about her in my head as "the One" that I mabey should still be with. I've been with my fair share of women since but in the end they just don't compare to how I felt with her. So I'm wondering if mabey she is "my one" that got away. Anyways if anybody can relate and share some advice on this matter, before I where to get into something serious again, I'd appreiate it.

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    let go, out of your hands, sucks and is what i had to do, but its prolly to late. so move on..

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    Quote Originally Posted by decadbal
    let go, out of your hands, sucks and is what i had to do, but its prolly to late. so move on..

    Thats all, everyone talks about the 1. Imo if its the 1 you wont have to chase each other or break up or anything like that

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    Forget about "the one" and start looking for the myriad of "other ones".


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    Try to remember why you broke up in the first place. If she was the one chances are you would still be together. As a general rule it is always best to move forward than to look in the past. I've been burned on more than one occasion by giving another chance or trying again...If it breaks...walk away and get some new blood!

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