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    Pet Peeve at gym

    This has happened to me a lot lately and I almost wanted to choke the **** out of someone last night for doing it. This is just an example but it happens to me a lot. Last night I was mid set on some very slow and formful curls with 120lb barbell when some guy comes up to me and can see my veins popping out in my forehead and spit coming out my mouth and the guttoral groan emenating from the bottom of my stomach. He asks me "Hey are you using this? And points to a 35 lb barbell lying on the floor next to me" I just look back mid curl at him and growl and he decides better and leaves. This happens to me all the time and its almost always when i'm straining hard on a set. One time I just dropped my weights to the ground and told a guy if I lifted what he is asking me about i'd kill myself.

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    haha, screw you big phuckers, 35lb dumbells are a lot for some of us............jk though, it happens to even me and really gets on my nerves. After a long day of dealing with ignorant ppl at work, the last thing i need to do is deal with them at the gym.

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    Yes bro I know EXACTLY what you mean. I was on the Incline on my heaviest set and some prick walks right up to me and asks me how many sets I have left. I'm like WTF CANT YOU WAIT ONE MOTHER****ING SECOND YOU ****ING ASSHOLE.

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