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    United We Stand, Divided We Fall

    I know we are a nation of rights to choose, and speak freely and such....but if we do not unite together as AMERICANS, not as republicans, democrats, whites, blacks, gays.....etc, then we are going to be in deep trouble. This is exactly what our enemies see as our weakness. We must get behind our president to succeed in this war on terror, and stop bickering over every little issue there is. I will save my other comments for another time.

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    dont you understand? the things that drive the ideology of some people are far more important than America's safety - we can all die...but dont kill a few houseplants - kill babies...but save the whales

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    I think what makes America so great is how different all people are...freedom to choose how you live your life is the greatest thing America offers its citizens. I do understand what you are saying though even though I dont agree with some of Bush's actions.

    I really did like Clinton though.

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    the liberals are ruining our country, **** comunist athiest punk asses

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