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    I'm a dumbass with women no luck

    I finally got the hottest supermodel looking chick coming over my house today to hang out and most probably get it on by the way we were talking on the phone. So she had just flown in from Newark (flight attendant) and showers at the airport then gives me a call and says she is ready to come over and to give her directions to my place from the airport. Well my dumbass is at the gym in a **** load of noise and I just cannot concentrate and cannot for the life of me rememeber how to get to my house from the airport. I was at a loss for words and told her i'm gonna run out to my car and look on the GPS map and find out. I call her back 2 minutes later with the directions and she tells me she already passed that road and she is on her way home cause she is kinda tired. I sounded like a little desperate bitch at this point trying to come up with about a 100 detours until she almost hung up hahaha. I'm a putz ****! Said she will come over tomorrow if she doesnt have to fly out. But she usually flys out on weekends. Man this really sucks balls. I bought some massage oil too. I'm pretty pissed
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    8,849 sorry bro.....but that **** is hilarious

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    You'll get her bro...
    As long as you keep chloroform out of the equation, I'm sure you'll be fine

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    It's just a girl right?

    Dude you worry too much. They come and go.

    Go back to the gym


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    If she didnt go over that night then it means she has OTHER (and plenty of) options available besides you. Too bad. Doesnt sound like she is ultra eager to go over.
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