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    Ditch the anti-depressants. They are obviously not working. You F@#$ed up by not eating clean enough. Now you need to do cardio in order to loose the weight. Diet is so important! I screwed myself in the first year by neglecting this. Your diet needs to consist of lean protien. ie. egg whites, boneless skinless chicken breast (the staple of my diet), fish, only lean meat. Limit the carbos and stach. Now your routine must need work too. How often are you hitting a body part? Try once a week. For chest, back and Quads 4 exercises 4 sets 10-14 reps. 3 exercises and same 4 sets 10-14 reps for the rest of the body parts except for calves and forearms, 2-3 exercises for them. Knowledge is power man! read and inform yoursef their are plenty of reputable magazines that can teach you the right way. Books, The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Get in the gym and ditch that nasty attitude. Use your disgust to fuel your relentless drive to succeed.
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    Cheers for the reply

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