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    Back from Surgery...Out of The Game for a Bit

    Well bros just got back from surgery. Pain began Sunday night and appendix ruptured Monday night and was taken out. I am pretty much limited to bed rest for the next week and my diet/appetite should be severely affected as well.

    To make matters worse they said no lifting until the muscles are fully re-developed in the abdominal area so it would be about a month until I can do light stuff. Here are my before pictures:

    Newbie Member, All Natty Pics Up

    I should be on my way to severe catabolism over the next month or so. In about a week I'll be able to choose whatever I diet I want though. Any suggestions to minimize my muscle loss over the 3-4 weeks where I won't be lifting as far as diet goes will be well as any other stories / suggestions from ex-surgery recovery patients (especially appendectomy's).

    So much for my first natural contest by the end of this year; I'll try and track my progress maybe with additional pics. Thanks bros.

    Advice on Dieting Welcome: Back from Surgery...Out of Game for a Bit
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    I'll gladly trade your injury/operation for mine!

    What I mean is, you'll be just fine and back at it in no time.


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    bro i just looked at your pics. YOu have awsome genetics. Im your age and have been working out as long as you and my muslces arent anywhere near as full as yours. YOur gonna be a beast by the time your 25.

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