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Thread: Sticky QUIZ

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    Sticky QUIZ

    I don't take AAS, but frequently visit their forum. I think there needs to be a sticky quiz and you have to pass it before you can post. Just basic questions that if people did a little research would know. I read all kinds of threads on there and it is funny (not really) what people ask and say. There is a thread now that says something about "I feel like i am doing something wrong, can i stop now." WTF
    Just an idea
    ps. I was going to post this over there, but. . .

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    Good idea! We should require proof of age too.

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    i think maybe it should just be for the steroid forum cause people of all ages should have access to the workout, diet, supplement forums........good idea though!

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    hehe not a bad idea....have u heard about the muscular baby yet

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