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Thread: Netflix

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    does anyone here use netflix? and do u think it is worth it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbathegut
    does anyone here use netflix? and do u think it is worth it...
    I use it. The T/A is almost as fast as *** for me. Their selection is pretty good. it's hard to "find" movies that would be interesting without actually looking for a specific movie, but if you searcj long enough, it's worthwhile.

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    They have very many shipment centers now. I think it is a good deal since the shipping is so quick. Some people get teh movies in the mail, make a copy and send them back. Fast way to build up a DVD collection for cheap.

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    I had a subscription when they first started, turn-around on movies was pretty good...I was using it to build my dvd collection via my dvd burner...I couldnt keep up, so I ended up having movies for a few weeks at a time, after a while, i just got tired of doing it, so I cancelled my subscription...overall, i had no issues.

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    I use it .. its awesome.... been a member for about a year now... only bad thing is sometimes they don't get new releases as quick .. they are like 5 days behind sometimes

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