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    i dont have gyno but...

    went to the doctor today and he felt me up and said that i dont have any signs of lumps nothing but he said that its fat tissue most likely. been doing some reading and i think my nips are a bit puffy with a bit of fat around (not gyno) i am relatively lean elsewhere except my chest and stomach.

    my question is do you think yohimburn will help get rid of the fat there if it is a result of estrogen built up fat.?

    anyone else got the same thing and used it?


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    Where you carry fat is genetic. When you burn fat your body draws from the multiple fat stores on your body and burns that fat for fuel. So there is no way you can actually lose fat from any one place. Your best bet is to let your cardio be your fat burning exercise and be sure to train properly. If you want to lose bodyfat you'll need at least 2 hours per week. You can add any ECA stack and that will help, but as for "estrogen built up fat" fat is fat. One bonus is that fat recently gained is lost more quickly.

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