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Thread: Funny Story

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    Whats up bros. i know this is the wrong forum, but very funny.

    A very funny thing just happened and I HAD to share. So I have been using the dropper that came with my l-dex and all ya know, just 1/4 of it for my .25mg ED. So I decide that I want to get a different one that has actual marks on it just to make sure I am measuring right. The wife and I goto Savon to get it. She goes to the pharmacy people while I am looking in the isles for it. She comes back with this big ass dropper, almost looked like a turkey basater So I'm like its WAY to big, go tell them you need a "BABY" dropper. She goes back up and I keep looking. She comes back with a slin needle with no pin and said the lady said to use this. Im dying at this point because she said the lady questioned her. So I go up to the lady right. Im like listen "this is not gonna work. I have these at home. I need a baby dropper to mix my drugs." She was so shocked but was like maybe isle 13. So we go down to isle 13, NOTHING. Then to the baby isle. Nothing there except those big turkey baster ones again. Back to the pharmacy side. Still no luck. FINALLY we find one. Only problem.... NO FREAKIN MARKINGS on it. Its just like the one I have at home NOW Moral of the story...... I dont know but lift heavy or go home

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    couldnt you put some marks on yourself

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