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    Anyone from Windsor, Ontario?

    im gonna be shooting down there for a couple days seeing if any bro's on here live there.

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    I don't live there, but I went to University in Windsor.

    If you are looking to go out to dance bars, there are tons of bars on Oulette street. The dance bars are mostly younger kids 17-24 (legal drinking age is 19, but a lot of underagers have really good fake id, lol) They usually have lineups around 9-9:30 in the summer for the better bars.

    There is a Casino in Windsor, if you are into that. They have everything except sports betting and craps.

    Also, Windsor has come good strip clubs, not like Montreal though. I think that Studio is terrible, Jason's would be the best, Leopards is good. Most of the cover is $10, I think and the drinks are not cheap $5-$8. All prices I'm quoting are Canadian and are from a few years ago.

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    no i dont think so

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