I went to a show a couple of weekends ago in Indianapolis. The Indiana/Midwest Natural Championships. Now it definitely wasn't IFBB, but let me just say that all you competition people better work your legs. I was so dissapointed that routinely it looked as if people may have spent 1 day a week on lower body and 6 on upper. now I have skinny legs, but they are proportional to my upper body. Well, the judges agreed and those with nice quads and calves consistently won, and those without didn't. As a side note, a friend of mine won first and second in various divisions and for the second place finish she lost due to lower body not being as tight. It was funny though cause everybody booed the decision. She outweighed the other girl by about 40 lbs (all muscle). It looked like a female bodybuilder vs. a track athlete and the trackster won.

anybody else go?