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    Why God invented the Hymen.

    This one was from my friend i wanted to share this with u.

    What purpose does it serve ?

    Here's the story : this beautiful women , I mean
    Really beautiful , spends like 7 years having fun with
    This one guy, ( aka all sexual adventurous activities,
    Make-up sex, definetly had sex with him for 7 or less
    Years ) , and then at the ripe ole age of 31 , she
    Decides suddenly that she wants to get married and she
    Leaves him and joins the bachelorette pool.just
    Like that.

    Suppose the guy who she is going to marry is B.
    The guy she ****ed for seven years is A.

    Now, some guys spend their own lives trying to earn
    The job, the money to be able to marry a beautiful
    Women .. For some men they dream of having such money.
    Now what I don't understand is why she didn't spent
    Those seven years ****ing the guy who she wants to
    Marry ? ? I mean don't you think that all those years
    That person B ( say 7 years that he worked and spent
    Trying to get that high-paying job and not having fun
    While she spent ****ing person A), person B would have
    Liked to have fun ?? IS he not a human being ?? Is he
    Only a ****ing bank account , a car, a house ?
    Don't you think that just because he is marriage
    Material that he doesn't also have a heart, penis,
    Emotions, just as the person you go and **** for seven
    Years for the hell of it.
    I see this as a slap in the face of person B, I mean
    .It means "you really only want to be with me now
    Because you need money" .but when you we're younger
    And you had looks you could get anyone you wanted ,
    But didn't select them , you had to get 'fun' out of
    Your system and have all the fun in the world not
    With person B but with other guys. You ****ed guys for

    Don't you think that person B would have liked to be
    With you during the best years of your life ? After
    All he is giving you his life's work ,, e.g. His job ,
    His career . .Why is not fair to ask the same of
    You ?
    How would you like to be the person about to marry
    Her, and know that the best years of her life she gave
    To somebody else ? Why weren"t you good enough for her
    At her prime ? Why is she pursuing you at 31.what
    Happened during her prime when she had looks in the
    Best years of her life -- her 20s.why didn't she
    Pursue person B then ?? ( Was she ****ing another
    Guy then ) ? You are just the guy she has to
    \"Settles herself lower for" .

    Can you say, hypocritical *****?

    You see, that is why you get them at 18 years old.
    Well, I also have a slap for the beautiful women .if
    You can judge one by one's bank account and bid them
    As 'marriage material ' .that person looking to get
    Married will also seek the 'marriage suitable' person
    For him and for him it will not be 31 year old , used
    Non-virgin, but a fresh ripe 18 year old virgin.

    That is why God invented the hymen.

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    Basically for the non social science and communicational inclined is that relationships are very complicated. People want someone to depend on while still keeping their independence. yet these two things conflict. A relationship will ebb and flow. It decays or comes back zig zagging back and forth. remember people change. To me, I believe that girl wanted either marriage or a kid. Gentlemen "A" didn't want that. So she moved on and found something more to her liking with "B".

    There is always way ****ing more to any story any of us tell even if it happened to us. Our own biases and cognitive dissonance are the filters we see the situation through subjectively.

    People change over time. Didn't we want to be a racecar driver, cop, fireman, or serial killer(just me I guess ) when we were younger. Now that novel idea is laughed at in our minds. Well except mine, I love it. What we want out of a relationship changes over time and situation. Talking monkeys and their ideals are mold-able over time.

    What about the endless parade of women who put a ****tard through medical or law school, only to be dumped later once the degree is done? All humans suck. why can't we all just get along...

    I will now return to my overlord tower.

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    popping cherrys!

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    Who was on first?

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    thats the way its always been

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    bout my money
    i love 18 - 20 year old women

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    Russian liquer plant
    I like popping cherrys!!!:-)

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