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    can u guys help?

    Hi there
    I'm not to sure if i'm posting this on the right forum so if i'm not apologies. Anyway, basically i'm a film studies student and i'm doing a paper on body building in films. In one part of the paper i discuss how Arnold came along in films and changed how the action hero looked and how others followed after him but were never the same size. In order to prove this point i want to put the bicep and chest measurements of Van Damme, Stallone and Vin Diesel's against Arnold's. The only problem is i don't know their measurements. I found one Van Damme site it said his biceps are 19 inches which i think is way off. I thought i'd ask you guys as you all got pretty good knowledge of body building. If any of you could hazard a guess at Van Dammes, Stallones and Vin's biceps you would really be helping me out. Would i be right in thinking that around the time of Commando arnolds were about the 20inch mark? I know this is a bizarre post but if anyone has the time, could you please help me out.

    Would it help if i posted some pictures of them?

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    Red face

    Have you tried any search engines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosen1
    Have you tried any search engines?

    I agree, it would be a much more effective use of your time.

    Vin's arms are not 19"................if they are then he has some way crappy proportions, becasue his arms look 16" if that. I would double check your sources for this info. I don't even know for certain if arnie's armes were ever 20," again, double check your sources for this info.

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    Parasite, QUIT BEING A PARASITE!!!!!!!! this is the third thread that you started asking the same thing, just bump the old ones!!!!!!!!!!

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