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    Dateline Good Entertainment! Online Pharmacies

    That’s why they call TV entertainment. People do not care about facts or information (that’s why no one watches CSPAN) they just want drama and excitement. That’s why Jerry Springer has been on for the lat 13 something years and probably will continue for a long time to come. This Dateline story had drama (mother crying over dead son), excitement (busting the poor Old Danish Doctor with orange pants in the interview by over zealot journalist) and for what? Some ratings on a Sunday evening. IMHO, I think this is just another blip on the old boob tube. I think the bottom line is $$$$$ and there is too profiting for these pharmacies and industry to stop and of course the governments are not about to “crack down” on any of it unless they do not get their share. And trust me they (Gvmnts:USA, Europe, ect.) are getting their cut from taxes, stimulating global economy which in turn stimulated local economies and so forth.

    Business 101: If there is demand, there will be supply.

    War on Drugs = my big fat hairy a$$.

    Anyways this is my soapbox for tonight ……yada, yada yada….

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    They reported that British Dragon cypionate was half dosed, correct? I can understand how it's sensationalized, but why would they flat out lie about a dosage? so some kid says "alright, i'll just double the amount i take" ?

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    True Chris, it makes me sick. They are lucky it wasn't just plain oil since they ordered it via the net. For that matter who know what parts of the story are even true, "journalism" is a sleazy business these days.

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