Hi All,

Firstly - I have an appointment on Thursday (couldn't get one earlier) to a sports doctor, but wanted to go in prepared with any info I can get here.

I have a problem with my right shoulder. The only way I can describe it is that it doesn't feel like the muscles or tendons, but feels like the bone itself! I am not sure what the area is called (is it the AC joint?) but it is about where the collar bone meets the arm bone. The pain is mostly at the right-most edge of the collar bone. It hurts mainly when there is downward pressure, ie. bench press (almost all chest exercises actually), shoulder press, tricep skullcrusher etc. as well as exercises which stretch the joint, such as incline bicep dumbbells.

I must be honest, I have had a slight pain there for over months now and simply laid off those exercises causing excessive pain, hoping it would heal. A few days ago was the final straw, when I was doing light chest exercises (which never caused major porblems before) and it caused major pain! Any ideas as to what it could be? It does not feel dislocated, and does not feel like impingement syndrome. Actually I have impingment syndrome in my left shoulder (haven't decided yet about having the keyhole surgery to remove the scar tissue). Is it possible that this caused the right shoulder to overcompensate and cause this injury?

Any input welcome,