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    Thumbs down Alot of promises but no action...

    We were just closing up and this retard wanted to come in, i told him we were closing but he still wanted in, it ended with me closing the glasdoor in his face, then he breaths air on the glas and writes "dick" and "cocksucker" on it. When i open the door to let some people out i compliment him on his writing skills and let a guy in cause he wants to use the bathroom. This makes "the writer" very upset (for some reason ) and he challenges me to come out, i take one step out the door and he backpaddels and screams certain bodyparts that i could suck on and that he is going to wait for me, ok i say, see you later.

    Well he didnt wait for me And i had my adrenaline pumping around my veins for nothing. Im quite frankly UPSET!

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    Were you really going to beat up a retard ?

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    F'em palme. He aint worth getting upset over....


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    since when do thay have boucers at chuck e chesse? ashamed of you picking on a lil boy like that palme

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