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    Post this EVERYWHERE!!!! (ebay assholes)

    Found on MM

    I find it interesting that E-bay doesn't want its customers knowing the toll-free number to reach customer support. I posted a number that I found through a Yahoo search and they erased it. They sent me the following letter. Perhaps it's time for E-bay to MAKE customer service "cost effective." The number is 1-800-322-9266.
    Letter below:
    Hello ormarr,
    I noticed that you posted eBay's phone number on an eBay Board. Since eBay does not have the staff to handle large quantities of incoming phone calls, and increasing our staffing levels to handle an increasing number of calls would not be cost-effective, we would greatly appreciate it if you would refrain from providing the number to others, especially in public forums such as discussion boards and chat rooms.
    We certainly appreciate your willingness to provide help to other users and I know that providing the phone number seems like the correct thing to do, especially when a user appears to need emergency help; however, providing the number to large groups is counter-productive. Since we don't have the staff to handle these calls it only increases the frustration levels of
    both members and staff.
    Thanks for understanding that I had to remove the post and send this request on to you. I know you were only trying to help
    eBay Moderation Team

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    Looks like Ebay doesn't want to have to deal with their problems. I have used Ebay many times at work and at home. Until I got ripped off. Ebay was of NO help to me in resolving the matter. So fu** Ebay!

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