I am thinking about spending 3 months in Thailand next year and I was wondering if anybody had any recent experiences there: specifically in finding what you need at the pharmacies, as well as getting other stuff other than gear such as dietary supplements, etc. I am leaning towards Pattaya and there is at least one gym there. I figure on stacking a test (sust if it is available) with another less androgenic substance, maybe kicking off the cycle with dbol or maybe anadrol and then using AM-only dbol post-cycle to bridge into the clomid. I really don't know what is popular and available there. All I get is "go to Mexico!" or "try Romania!" or "why not Greece?" (I was just in Crete and Greek pharmacies don't sell any AAS OTC any more evidently) Anyway I hope someone has some stories to share.

Oh, and no, I will NOT be bringing anything back from Thailand LOL! Don't ask!