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    Golf Question........

    I am new to Golf. I just picked up a set of Callaway x-12 irons with a Big Bertha Pro Series 2 has a 10 degree angle and I can't seem to get any distance on the freaking ball...should I raise my tee or get a 12 degree driver? Remeber, I am new, but I have not hhad any problems using other this driver I have for more experienced players? any incite would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    those drivers are big bro,i wouldnt switch from a 10 degree to a 12 degree if your having trouble getting distance. is your swing good? most of the time when i play, the only thing im good at is going to the driving range and nailing the hell out of the balls, but you still have to have a good swing to nail the hell out of them. try and raise your tee up a bit, untill you can adjust to that big ass club head.

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    try lining the ball up right on the inside of left foot when using ur driver, i would say just take some time and get use to the driver and then if it still doesnt workout, switch to a new driver...

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    its not the driver. you either have a swing flaw or the shaft on the driver does not have the correct kick point. If you have a high swing speed you need a stiff shaft or even extra stiff. This will prevent the shaft from flexing too much on the downswing. if the shaft should unflex at the moment of impact, this is referred to as kick point. it is very common to have a club fitted to your swing profile after purchase. go to a place that has a swing computer and have them set you up with a new shaft and grip. 10 degree is plenty of loft, i have several drivers, one is a 8.5 degree.

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    yeah, get your swing speed tested, you'll be able to find out the right kind of shaft and degree driver you need. i personally use a 7.5 degree and have to use steel shafts because i swing so ****ing hard.

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    Yep...take a look at the shaft. It might not be right for you. Do like these guys said, and go get somebody to check your swing and your swing speed. It can make a huge difference in your game.

    When I found out my swing speed, it was rather obvious why I was not able to hit any of my fairway woods. A regular flex shaft does not work well with a 128mph swing. I hit my irons long enough to stay away from fairway woods now. This also showed me alot about my swing and my tendancies.
    Ideally, a beginner would usually have a driver in the 10-12 degree range. As you go with a lower degree of loft, you end up changing some of the tendancies of the club. A higher loft will usually not produce the same amount of lateral spin as a lower degree loft. This means that two balls hit exactly the same with a 12 degree driver and a 7.5 will do entirely different things. Your 12 degree shot might be a mild slice, while the 7.5 shot might look like a boomerang to the right.

    You can also change how high you tee the ball, but that is more fine tuning and for ease of impact. First, go to a shop with a computerized swing checking machine. Then go from there.

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    bro u can play just as good with cheap clubs as the exspensive ones, if your not its your game... so just work on it

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