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    So I am walking into the gym lastnight, behind two kids and hear...

    Them talking about there workout routine...

    Now mind you they were not just some skinny punks, they had good size ( I guess genetics ) but one of them was saying, " so what are we working tonight " The other guys said " don't know " His friends says " Wanna do bi's and back " The other guys said " Hell no Bi's gets its own day by itself "

    Now no offense, but I am preparing myself all day long for what I need to work. People just go in and do whatever they feel needs to be worked..

    Oh well just a little funny story

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    ridin dirty
    eh, some just arent that serious about it

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    I hear that stuff all the time. Let's call it "instictive" training, i.e. "it feels like I don't need to squat...EVER"

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    those are people who just dont know about proper lifting technique/etiquette. back in the day, before i even knew what steroids were, i used to lift whatever body part, whenever. but as i got older and did more research, everything fell into place.

    if their big already, let them be. we'll just walk out of the bar with their women!

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    It's like, people with good genetics are not gonna have the inscentive to actually learn about "real" workin out, as long as the results keep comin. When the results stop, then they might, but until then they just keep jerkin around with the weights.
    I have okay genetics, but i certainly can't do what those kids do and get anywhere. I just ain't black.

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