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Thread: Favorites...

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    ttuPrincess Guest


    Do tell .. what are your favorites... (taken from Technobarbie on ExtremeMass)

    Food: Sushi
    Alcohol Drink: Fat tire (on Tap only)
    Book: Men Are From mars women are from venus
    Movie: Love Actually
    Band: Steve Miller Band
    Song: Free falling
    Car: The one Im getting Next week.. 2005 Nissan Altima... such a pretty car!!! or for if I had money .. Tahoe Jacked up with mud tires, kc lights, nerf bars, grill guard.. etc etc
    Animal: My 15 year old chocolate Lab
    Color: Pink
    School Subject: Womens History
    Clothing: Scrubs
    Actor/Actress: Kate Hudson
    Sport: College Football (go red Raiders!!!), dance
    Place visited: Boulder colorado or Las Vegas
    Attributes of opposite sex: Arms

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    SwoleCat is offline AR Hall of Fame
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    Dec 2002

    Food: Mexican or Chinese
    Alcohol Drink: Incredible Hulks or Amaretto & Sweet N Sours.
    Book: NONE.
    Movie: LOTS.
    Band: Too Many to list
    Song: Too Many to list
    Car: Lexus
    Animal: Myself
    Color: Blue
    School Subject: English/Humanities
    Clothing: Either Pimp or Sports apparel
    Actor/Actress: None really.
    Sport: LSU Tigers/Miami Hurricanes
    Place visited: VEGAS NO DOUBTS!!!
    Attributes of opposite sex: A$$!!!!!!!!


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    South Florida

    Food: Steak
    Alcohol Drink: Crown and coke
    Book: Murder Machine
    Movie: GoodFellas/God Father
    Band: Incubus
    Song: I miss you
    Car: Ferrari 575 GTC
    Animal: My 2 cats
    Color: Black
    School Subject: Lunch
    Clothing: Kenneth Cole
    Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp
    Sport: College University of Miami GO CANES
    Place visited: Canada/Telluride Colorado
    Attributes of opposite sex: T n A


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    on the net
    Food: Churrasco steak and Lobster tails
    Alcohol Drink: Bacardi limon & Diet Coke
    Book: ColdFire by Dean R Koontz
    Movie: Starwars
    Band: Deftones
    Song: My own summer
    Car: Ferrari Enzo
    Animal: Shark
    Color: Blue
    School Subject: Lunch
    Clothing: Ralph Lauren
    Actor/Actress: Christopher Walken
    Sport: Football
    Place visited: Labadee Haiti
    Attributes of opposite sex: Ass

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    Food: Filet mignon and fresh crab legs
    Alcohol Drink: Ice cold Miller Lite
    Book: Along Came a Spider
    Band: Lifting: Korn Surgery: Josh Groban
    Song: Remember Me from soundtrack of "Troy"
    Car: Hmmmm! Bentley
    Animal: My Boston Terrier
    Color: Black
    School Subject: Biology or Chemistry
    Clothing: Giorgio Armani or Hugo Boss
    Actor/Actress: Sean Connery
    Sport: Soccer
    Place visited: Nevis, West Indies
    Attributes of opposite sex: Eyes, teeth, and the pure absence of "kankles"..Anything else I don't like I can throw her on the operating table and repair

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    Jan 2004
    Food: anyhting except for fast food
    Alcohol Drink: beer beer beer, and 151
    Book: The Blank Slate by Steven Pinkel
    Movie: Commando and Predator
    Band: anything that sounds ggood
    Song: What If... by Fredro Starr
    Car: 1963 Corvette Split rear window
    Animal: My miniature Pincsher Rocky
    Color: Blue
    School Subject: Im a dork I excelled at all
    Clothing: Polo, Nautica, Express Men, Banana Republic
    Actor/Actress: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Sport: Ice Hockey
    Place visited: Aruba, NYC (an hr away hahah) Montreal, Florida, Virginia, DC, Italy, Vegas....few more cant think of right now
    Attributes of opposite sex: there is no one thing for me, its all gotta fit right!

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    Feb 2004
    Food: Italian dishes
    Alcohol Drink: Budweiser or wet pussys
    Book: The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by douglas adams
    Movie: The band of brothers
    Band: Rammstein
    Song: Depends on the band
    Car: Well my new car will either be a new mitsubishi evo mr, subaru sti, or a new supra tt if they are released into the US. But my favorites would have to be, Domestic: 68 gto judge, Import (jap): R34 Skyline GT-R Vspec, (german) Bmw M3 CSL
    Animal: Dont have any at the moment, but i will have a blue pitbull soon as i move out.
    Color: Green
    School Subject: Astronomy, BioTech, Genetics
    Clothing: i preferr to be naked, Bananna republic, Kenneth cole, CK, Lacoste, Lucky brand, Ben Sherman, and a few others...
    Actor/Actress: (Female) Too many, (Male) Mel Gibson
    Sport: Hockey, i grew up playing it
    Place visited: Switzerland, The cabin in the alps above lake luzern...
    Attributes of opposite sex: Legs and rump
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    Aug 2003
    New Yorker
    Food: Pizza
    Alcohol Drink: Amaretto Sours and Stoile Vanillas
    Book: can't say i've read a book on my own free will in a while
    Movie: more then 1
    Band: Linkin Park or any type of underground house or beats
    Song: a lot
    Car: Ferrari
    Animal: not an animal lover
    Color: Pink
    School Subject: Business Major
    Clothing: sweats, wife beaters and flip flops
    Actor/Actress: none
    Sport: Running
    Place visited: havent traveled that of now, Vegas....
    Attributes of opposite sex: big traps, legs, arms, all needs to fit
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    Mar 2002
    Food: Chicken & white rice or a nice steak & cleftpotatoes
    Alcohol: Beer
    Book: Watch My Back
    Movie: Monster is the latest i saw and it was **** good.
    Band: In Flames/Metallica
    Song: Fly Away (Vincent De Moor)
    Car: Ferrari
    Animal: Dog/Lion
    Color: Black
    School Subject: Geography
    Clothing: Sweats, Trainers, Tanktop
    Actor/Actress: Al Pacino, Charlize Theron
    Sport: Icehockey, Pride
    Place Visited: Stockholm, no place is more beautiful during summertime.
    Attributes Of Opposite Sex: Eyes, Waist, Butt, Brain

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    North Charlotte
    Quote Originally Posted by ttuPrincess
    Do tell .. what are your favorites... (taken from Technobarbie on ExtremeMass)

    Food: Sushi
    Alcohol Drink: Fat tire (on Tap only)
    Book: Men Are From mars women are from venus
    Movie: Love Actually
    Band: Steve Miller Band
    Song: Free falling
    Car: The one Im getting Next week.. 2005 Nissan Altima... such a pretty car!!! or for if I had money .. Tahoe Jacked up with mud tires, kc lights, nerf bars, grill guard.. etc etc
    Animal: My 15 year old chocolate Lab
    Color: Pink
    School Subject: Womens History
    Clothing: Scrubs
    Actor/Actress: Kate Hudson
    Sport: College Football (go red Raiders!!!), dance
    Place visited: Boulder colorado or Las Vegas
    Attributes of opposite sex: Arms
    books suck
    animal house
    she will be loved.....fav right now
    fav car... hummer, car i have right now is a new tahoe
    any history
    val kilmer
    college football, FSU, basketball, Tarheels
    las vegas

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    Guess I'll give this a go:

    Food: Sushi
    Alcohol Drink: Don't drink
    Book: George R.R. Martin's a Song of Fire and Ice series
    Movie: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    Band: Jazz - John Coltrane Metal - Type O Negative/MudVayne
    Song: Not Falling
    Car: 2001 Jeep Wrangler or 2004 Harley Davidson FatBoy custom
    Animal: My cats Sid and Flea
    Color: Mulch
    School Subject: Emergency Medicine
    Clothing: Shorts and T-shirt
    Actor/Actress: Clint Eastwood is the man.
    Sport: surfing, skateboarding, cycling, hockey
    Place visited: Is this last place? Hawaii or any place? I've been all over the world
    Attributes of opposite sex: Attitude, face, t&a in that order

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    Food: hot wings
    Alcohol Drink: tequila, dos XX
    Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
    Movie: Donnie Darko/Snatch/A Clockwork Orange
    Band: American Nightmare/Bane/Hopesfall
    Song: "Farewell"-American Nightmare
    Car: BMW 7 Series
    Animal: dogs........and monkeys
    Color: red
    School Subject: calculus
    Clothing: Jeans, pumas, t-shirt
    Actor/Actress: pacino
    Sport: snowboarding
    Place visited last place was breckenridge CO
    Attributes of opposite sex: booty

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    newport richey fl
    Food: Pizza
    Alcohol Drink: dont drink
    Book: green eggs and ham
    Movie: enter the dragon
    Band: dmx
    Song: highway to hell
    Car: Hummer
    Animal: my 4 year old black&white pitbull
    Color: black
    School Subject: gym
    Clothing: eddie bauer
    Actor/Actress: tony danza&Sean Connery
    Sport: hate sports out side of bodybuilding
    Place visited: ga al fl mi ca
    Attributes of opposite sex: big ol fun bags
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    Food: Fillet Mignon
    Alcohol Drink: Baltimore Zoo or Bud Light
    Book: Too many to mention
    Movie: Hope Floats
    Band: Almost all of them
    Song: Whiskey Lullaby for personal reasons
    Car: 300M or '57-'59 Vettes
    Animal: Horses
    Color: Black or red
    School Subject: Physiology
    Clothing: sweatshirts unless I'm working, then it's suits
    Actor/Actress: Sean Connery
    Sport: Pro Football and CUBS baseball
    Place visited: Boston or Arizona
    Attributes of opposite sex: Arms and thick chest
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    Food: probably a big ass hamburger
    Alcohol Drink: corona w/ lime
    Book: "shilo"...a book about a boy and his dog
    Movie: Rocky em gun is still classic too
    Band: I like all music
    Song: I like alot of songs...not picky
    Car: Ford Excursion decked out with off road gear
    Animal: Our Terrior, winny, is a pain in the ass, but i like him
    Color: Blue and black...sometimes white when im not bloated
    School Subject: ESS
    Clothing: anything sleeveless, or a tank top
    Actor/Actress: Meg ryan maybe...she seems pretty classy
    Sport: college footbal
    Place visited: the beach!!!
    Attributes of opposite sex: eyes/face/hair make or break a woman...

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    Mar 2004
    Food: pizza
    Alcohol Drink: mgd
    Book: Hamlet
    Movie: old school
    Band: green day
    Song: hold on
    Car: the 2004 mustang saleen convertables
    Animal: my golden retriever
    Color: blue
    School Subject: gym
    Clothing: americain eagle
    Actor/Actress: will farrel
    Sport: nfl or cfl
    Place visited: banff, alberta
    Attributes of opposite sex: eyes

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    the lower carolina
    Food: grilled swordfish
    Alcohol : jack and diet coke
    Book: I'll read anything
    Movie: whatever is on
    Band: six feet under..
    song: anything heavy
    car: I'm used to a piece of crap
    animal: english mastiff- used to have 15; about time to restock the herd!
    color: anything but yellow
    school subject:trig/geometry
    clothing:whatever I can get by with
    actress: I plead insanity, I'm crazy about all of them
    sport: boxing
    place visiteduter banks
    attributes of opposite sex: see actress entry 3 lines above this one

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    Miller's Crossing
    Food: Chataue Brian and srimp/crab alfredo
    Alcohol Drink: New Castle for beer- Grey Goose for liquor(although I've had to switch to Belvidere because Grey Goose is made in France)
    Book: Atheism- the case against god- nonfiction/ Davinci Code- fiction
    Movie: Too many to choose from Mystic River recently
    Band: Can you say eclectic- except rap
    Song: Goes in with band, why not just ask what the favorite music is and reduce this long ass list
    Car: In reality, anyone that keeps me from walking0 I'll take OG's if I have a big budget
    Animal: White Tiger- wild/ Akita- domesticated
    Color: Purple
    School Subject: Humanities/English
    Clothing: gym clothes
    Actor/Actress: DeNiro/Pacino/Newman/Duvall/Hackman/Connery- really too many to list as styles are so different from one to the other
    Sport: NFL
    Place visited: New Braunfels
    Attributes of opposite sex: Hair first and foremost, legs(especially calves), buttox

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    One up on you
    Food: Shrimp!!
    Alcohol Drink: Incredible Hulk
    Book: Disclosure
    Movie: Too many favorites to list...
    Band: Same thing....too many to list
    Song: 3 Doors Down Here without You
    Car: 1991 GMC Syclone - My Baby
    Animal: My Pitbull
    Color: Blue
    School Subject: Math
    Clothing: Tommy
    Actor/Actress: Lot's of em...... all the hot blondes really do it for me Terra Reed is hot
    Sport: Football for sure
    Place visited: Cancun, Mexico
    Attributes of opposite sex: Ass for sure..... then eyes (__!__)

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    Food: Filet Mignon or catfish
    Alcohol Drink: Fat Tire for beer- Vodka and cranberry for liquor
    Book: None
    Movie: Too many
    Band: alot of hip hop and techno/house. Right now I am rocking the throwback classics of dj green latern
    Song: too many
    Car: I like my VW Gti
    Animal: My bullmastiff is the sh1t
    Color: earth tone colors or black
    School Subject: I am pretty much tired of school in general
    Clothing: laid back attire unless I am going out to with my girl for a special occasion then it would be anything along the lines of dkny, hugo boss, calvin k, armani, etc.
    Actor/Actress: too many
    Sport: NFL
    Place visited: Bahamas,
    Attributes of opposite sex: I'm a A$$ man, she's has to have some back and know how to make it clap.

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    Food: Chinese
    Alcohol Drink: Beer= Hinekin drink= grey goose martini
    Book: none
    Movie: Harley Davidson and the Marboro Man
    Band: Eminem
    Song: changes by Tupac
    Car: wish list= Ferrari realistic= 300c
    Animal: my Rottie
    Color: Pearl
    School Subject:econonics
    Clothing: Echo jeans or Boss Suites
    Actor/Actress: Kevin Spacey
    Sport: AMA Superbike
    Place visited: Disney world or Las Vegas
    Attributes of opposite sex: Brain, sense of humor, and attitude...the rest you can change

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    May 2003
    Food:mexican, and sushi for the lean times
    Alcohol : Any quality beer and hurricane
    Book: Harry Potter
    Movie: Fight Club
    Band: Slayer
    song: Angel of Death
    car: My CTS, but fav is Escalade or 62' Lac
    animal: Chihuahua
    color: Black or lime green
    school subject:algebra
    clothing:dickies and t shirts
    actress: brad pitt
    sport: UFC
    place visited: cabo
    attributes of opposite sex: face

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    Food: Lobster or jumbo shrimp with a TON of garlic butter
    Alcohol Drink: None, I don't drink
    Book: Enders Game (Orson Scott Card)
    Movie: Blues Brothers, Godfather 1, 2
    Band: The Who
    Song: Quadrophenia
    Car: Ford Expedition
    Animal: Beagle
    Color: Green
    School Subject: Chemistry of winemaking (hellyeah!)
    Clothing: mostly hiking clothes from MEC
    Actor/Actress: Al Pacino
    Sport: Canoeing, hiking, climbing...
    Place visited: London UK (I love that town!)
    Attributes of opposite sex: Legs+butt


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    Quote Originally Posted by animal-inside
    RED- from this list I cam almost guess your exact age hahahahah... 44?
    He he he actually I am 35 But with the amount of white hair on my head I feel 50! (Time to hit the clipper on #1 again!)


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    HEELS 2005!!
    --age--26 yrs and holding
    --food-- steak, seafood and mexican
    --alchohol- jack and coke, dos exis w/out lime, new orleans iced tea
    --book- anything about u.s. history, ex civil war, rev war
    --car-- new vette, but settle with a land rover
    --movie- list is long, boondock saints(go figure), blackhawk down, smokey and the bandit, most mell gibson movies
    --actor-- robert de'niro, mel gibson, tommy lee jones, sam jackson, robin williams, chris farley. many more
    --bands-- creedence, bad company, chevelle, tim mcgraw, waylon jennings, johnny cash, corey morrow, and pat green..just to name a few..
    --song--too many to list..
    --animals- i have a few horses, a 1 year old choc lab.. i love all animals except cats..
    --color- -black and blue
    --school subject-- accounting
    --clothing- tees, flip flops and shorts-- i dress for comfort not to impress
    --sport-- baseball!! football, acc basketball--GO HEELS!
    --place visisted--the rolling rock brewery in pa. i wish i would have blown it up. rolling rock sux!
    --attributes of the opposite sex- nice smile, legs and stomach. sense of humor
    --pet peeves-- girls that are stuck in the mtv stage even though they are 25 and older. -- cock blockers, stupid people with no sense of humor, people that cheat on their signif. others. animal abusers, **** i have quite a few more. lololol

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    Food: clam chowder (bread bowl)
    Alcohol Drink: Sam Adams (loved it in boston) or Lifesaver
    Book: Sleepers
    Movie: City of angels/godfather/
    Band: ac/dc
    Song: all her love (donnel jones)/i'll be/in your eyes
    Car: Supra TT
    Animal: none haha
    Color: navy blue
    School Subject: mathematics
    Clothing: lucky clothes or ferragamo shoes
    Actor/Actress: russel crowe
    Sport: baseball (I still play)
    Place visited: Never liked anywhere but Cali
    Attributes of opposite sex: eyebrows and ass
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    Food: Ribeye
    Alcohol Drink: Bacardi Limon w/Corona
    Book: The Shining
    Movie: Shawshank Redemption
    Band: Nonpoint
    Song: Drowning
    Car: Bentley Azure
    Animal: Gorilla
    Color: Green
    School Subject: Calculus
    Clothing: Ralph Lauren
    Actor/Actress: Robert De Niro
    Sport: Football
    Place visited: Aruba, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala
    Attributes of opposite sex: Tits

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    Food: Chicken, Steak, Burgers.
    Alcohol: VODKA!
    Book: The Davinci Code
    Movie: Gladiator
    Band: Incubus or Jimmy Buffett
    Song: Soo many to list.. Havana Daydreamin.. Just a Phase...
    Car: BMW
    Animal: My lab
    Color: Blue
    School Subject: Gym
    Clothing: Abercombie and Fitch/Eddie Bauer/J Crew
    Actor/Actress: Jonny Depp, Rober Deniro.. the list goes on
    Place Visited: Been all over the world... I love Ireland (family is from dublin) but I also love the caribbean
    Attributes Of Opposite Sex: Eyes & Smile.. and of course T & A
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    Food: Sushi
    Alcohol Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
    Book: American Psycho
    Movie: American Psycho
    Band: only band i have ever liked, Nirvana.i'm not a band guy
    Song: too many. i love music
    Car: Mercedes 500SL
    Animal: my past dog, Westhighland White Terrier
    Color: Black
    School Subject:
    Clothing: D&G
    Actor/Actress: Kevin Spacey
    Sport: College football UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN!!GO BLUE AND MAIZE!!!
    Place visited: not favorite place visited as i lived there, by always NYC
    Attributes of opposite sex: Eyes and Smile

    ok well that's me

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    Scotty, beam me up
    Food: Pizza
    Alcohol Drink: Absinthe(never tried the "real" absinthe though)
    Book: Fundation triology
    Movie: The Predator
    Band: Rammstein
    Song: Du Hast
    Car: Hummer
    Animal: Tigers
    Color: Blue
    School Subject: Physics
    Clothing: As little as possible
    Actor/Actress: Arnold
    Sport: Bodybuilding, wrestling
    dance Place visited: Björnfällan
    Attributes of opposite sex: Ass and legs
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    Food: anything italian
    Alcohol Drink: Ozusko (albanian beer)
    Book: Behold a pale horse
    Movie: waking life
    Band: tool
    Song: ??
    Car: not a car but 2004 gsxr 1000 or 2004 r1
    Animal: My 5yr old dane lab mix
    Color: black/red
    School Subject: anatomy and physiology
    Clothing: comfy t's
    Actor/Actress: pacino
    Sport: AMA superbike
    Place visited: zagreb, croatia or madrid, spain
    Attributes of opposite sex: their mind, and of course t & a

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    AZ to MA...depends on whe
    Here you go...

    Food: Mexican food...god i miss it.
    Alcohol Drink: Crown & far.
    Book: Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding (it's the only one outside of school-required books that i look at currently)
    Movie: Above the Rim and Desperado
    Band: Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
    Song: Way too many to pick...but i'm listening to "Mexico" right now by the aforementioned band.
    Car: Lexus SC400 Convertible...but i'll settle for a Nissan 350Z
    Animal: Dog...i'm leaning towards getting a boxer (eventually)
    Color: Blue, especially dark blue.
    School Subject: Nutrition. Fav class i'm currently taking...operative dentistry.
    Clothing: Scrubs...i love that i'm allowed to wear this and be called "professional"
    Actor/Actress: Too picky to choose just one...
    Sport: Basketball
    Place visited: Mexico
    Attributes of opposite sex: Face first...then booty.

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    Jun 2004
    Canada eh?
    food: all you can eat sushi
    alcohol drink: gin and 7
    book: muscle and fitness
    movie: scarface and goodfellas
    band: mobb deep
    song: i miss that bitch
    car: any year ninja zx10
    animal: half pitbull, half rotty,his names joonie
    colour: green
    school subject: anatomy
    clothing: diesel
    actor/actress: will ferrell
    sport: motorcross
    place visited: tofino
    attributes of opposite sex: have to smile a lot, down to earth

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    May 2004
    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    Food:anything with dead animal
    Alcohol Drink: JD
    Book: Here comes the fudge
    Movie:Conan the Barbarian, American Pyscho
    Band: Mettalica
    Song: Wicked Game Chris Issac
    Car: McLaren F1, Saleen S7
    Animal: Pits and all reptiles
    Color: chocolate brown
    School Subject:none
    Clothing:anything without arms
    Actor/Actress: Clint Eastwood
    Sport: Hunting, fishing
    Place visited: PEI
    Attributes of opposite sex: that small area where the bum meets the ass right by the poon... that little soft underbelly type area.... oh and sense of humour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dally
    Attributes of opposite sex: that small area where the bum meets the ass right by the poon... that little soft underbelly type area.... oh and sense of humour.
    thats ****in classic

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    Food: Steak
    Alcohol Drink:Moonshine
    Book: undecided
    Movie: Lets give them something to talk about??? maybe
    Band: AC/DC
    Song: undecided
    Car: 1971 Hemi Barracuda
    Animal: Dog
    Color: Green
    School Subject: History
    Clothing: who cares, as long as it's clean and covers what it should.
    Actor/Actress: Mel Gibson, Jullia Roberts
    Sport: Football
    Place visited: I never go anywhere

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    Mar 2004
    Food: Steak
    Alcohol: Beer, Parrot Bay
    Book: Don't Know
    Movie: Gladiator
    Band: Metallica
    Song: Too many to say
    Car: Maclaren F1
    Animal: 2 Snakes
    Color: Green and Blue
    School Subject: History and Science
    Clothing: Loose or Work Out
    Actor/Actress: Don't really have 1
    Sport: Football
    Place Visited: None

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    Jun 2004
    In Diet Hell!
    Food: Steak, Lobster, Shrimp, Sushi
    Alcohol: Vodka & Soda, splash of cran
    Book: I don't have time to read....too busy on this d*mn site!
    Band: No Doubt - only cause of Gwen
    Song: Can't remember the name
    Car: Any one that gets me around
    Animal: My dog Harley (OK Dally....OUR dog)
    Color: Red
    School Subject: Gross Anatomy
    Clothing: Almost anything Italian
    Actor/Actress: Don't really have one
    Sport: Hockey
    Place Visited: Cali
    Attributes on opposite sex: Face first, then shoulders - nothing worse than a guy with coat hanger shoulders!
    Last edited by SexyKitty; 08-25-2004 at 05:44 PM.

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    May 2004
    Food: prime rib
    Alcohol Drink: hpnotiq
    Book: the bible
    Movie: scarface
    Band: nas
    Song: notorious thugs
    Car: mercedes slr mclaren
    Animal: white tiger
    Color: navy
    School Subject: history
    Clothing: polo
    Actor/Actress: dave chappelle
    Sport: basketball
    Place visited: la
    Attributes of opposite sex: eyes/smile

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    May 2003
    Your mom's
    cheap bourbon
    jude the obscure-thomas hardy
    white pride stomp
    big truck, gotta be a ford
    my cat cora
    english lit
    anything that fits
    not really an actress, but Rudi Bhaktiar on cnn prime-time... mmmmmm!
    Top Gun
    Rugby till i die
    da butt!
    Last edited by bigbouncinballs; 08-25-2004 at 09:36 PM.

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