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    Drugs tests in the USA, for jobs etc...

    Hey guys

    Ive noticed alot of you speak about drug tests for jobs you have or are trying to get, is it normal for you to have to have a blood test before being employed?

    Or is it just specific jobs?

    In the UK no one EVER gets blood tests, unless u actually deal with bloode directly etc, like working at a blood bank i spose.


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    Usually for government jobs you do.


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    It's usually required for any company that does any business with the federal government--when I was making computer chips I had to pee in the little cup once or twice a year.
    Home Depo makes you take the test, and probably any company who thinks they might get into legal trouble for not doing drug tests . . .
    Ya, it's pretty common over here.

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    My company does blood tests, but we do animal research so the tests are more to make sure that we are safe to the animals. I wonder if any AS would show up in this kind of test.

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