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    This SUCKS!!! Ate like a monster..

    Well I have been a good track ( For the most part ) These past 3 weeks since I started finally getting back into the gym.. Went from 210 to 187 lbs

    Finally starting to almost*** see an ab poping out some where.. LOL
    Results just keep coming and coming.. Today I was feelin like crap all day. I had like 6 small carb free cookies. Along with some fruit. When home, got rdy for the gym.. And said F-it. And went to the pizza place to eat a piece of pizza and a pretty big sub... Now I am home just being sad LOL
    Missed the gym, and just gonna watch a movie or whatever..

    Anyone else feel this way after eating like this?

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    i was gonna post the same thing today. are you stalking me? only i ate massive amounts of penne a la vodka and a $hit load of italian bread.

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    whenever I eat like that I aleways fall asleep right afterwards, then when I wake up my stomach is always f***ed up.

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    Don't worry bro, gotta be done once in a you know that u feel like 5hit...make you work harder! Keep pushin on, everyone has a cheat day!

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