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    what a bunch of garbage

    I know this store, they are a mom and pop operation selling near expiration supps....

    Retailer Ordered To Pay Millions For Selling Herbal Supplement
    Jury Awards Stroke Victim $4.1 Million Against Nutrition Store

    POSTED: 5:53 pm PDT August 26, 2004
    UPDATED: 6:16 pm PDT August 26, 2004

    LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles sports nutrition store has been ordered to pay more than $4 million to a man who purchased a diet supplement containing ephedra and then suffered a debilitating stroke.

    The case represents a rare instance of a retailer found liable for selling a product containing the now banned herbal supplement.

    Mark Hagen suffered a stroke in February 2002, hours after taking the thermogenic weight management pill Dymetadrine Xtreme, which he purchased at Fox Nutrition in Los Angeles.

    While the FDA ban on ephedra products had not yet been instituted at the time Hagen was taking the diet supplement, jurors decided the vitamin discount seller was partially responsible.

    Ephedrine supplements have been linked to more than 150 deaths.
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    so stupid... 150 deaths LMFAO. I bet more die from a flu shot

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    ever happened to consumer responsibility. people are so ****ing sue happy it makes me sick. did the store force him to buy or take the supplement? ****ing ridiculous

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