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Thread: gym idea's?

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    Exclamation gym idea's?

    hey...wondering if i could get some help here. I've been trying to find blueprints (floor plans) of gyms to get some good idea's...but i am not finding too much info on the net? anyone know of anything good...

    also... what do you think makes a good gym / bad gym? if you could make your own gym what would you make sure it had so it was popular?

    thanks for all the info in advance bro's

    i'm thinkin of opening a gym in my town as there's only one gym that has the monopoly and lacks ALOT but everyone goes caz there's nowhere else...

    thanks again!

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    I would love to own a gym, would be awesome.

    Things that i have at my gym which i use, and which made me join are:

    Good showers/changing rooms
    Steam Room
    Decent CV equiptment
    Lots of free weights
    Air Con
    They have a lounge, where you can chill, get free drinks and stuff for after/during/before your workout
    PEOPLE, staff is such a important thing
    You have to get that image right, being a big bodybuilding gym, like old skool raw will atract members but ALOT of people wont join.
    Try to get a gym that would cater for everyone, thats why i said good cv equiptment too.

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    My best mates friend opened a gym, after he bought all the equiptment, payed for rent, supplies etc, 8 months have gone by and he is only just breaking even. Theres alot of capital u need to come up with to start, you will either make money or you wont.

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    My training partner said that they used to play hardcore porn on the tellys in his old gym and it was distracting, so you may want to avoid that one. Lockable lockers, good freeweights and machines, leg press etc with decent weight stacks. Not a calve machine that has a max load of 100kgs .
    Depends on if you want to make money or not. A hardcore gym isnt going to bring in big bucks. If you want the money etc then youre gonna need all the poncy stuff as well.

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