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    "Dear Girlfriend..."

    This is a continuation off of my previous vent, but a letter I want to write to my girlfriend, so I'll just write this here.

    Hey baby,

    First and foremost, leave me the **** alone. I hate your ****. You're the most emotionally insecure and naive person I've ever met in my life. You have double standards and problems that I really couldn't care less about. You have a nice ass but you're a bitch sometimes and you're starting to gain some weight. Sometimes, well, a lot of times I feel like you have no brain and/or common sense. If the light is red, that means stop so don't accelerate to a Red light and complain to me that your brakes are bad. One thing you should realize is that yes, 99% of the time I'm always right when it comes down to decisions on; 1) stuff that we do, 2) directions and 3) when we go out. Your Ex-Boyfriend is a joke and yes, I can kick his ass and I'll gladly show you if he doesn't start to make a disappearance from your everyday life. I'm bigger then him and he's not good looking. I'm good looking. You think that having your Ex-Boyfriend around is no big deal, but you have no idea how many women I've slept with. Thank god you never asked. Then we'd see who would have the "problem" (yes, I put that in quotations). I just wish you would shut up sometimes. Other times, I wish you weren't around. Sometimes, I wish you were really around all the time, but you would have to be naked and I want to be holding the camera. I could go on, but you're honestly not worth my effort right now. You can't see this, but I'm grabbing my nuts and my middle finger is high in the sky.



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    LOL Ronny..... GO TO BED!!! I think you need some REST!

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    *Pops another Xanax*

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    Is this how you broke up with her? Thats funny as hell!

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    Good points! Very funny. But you know you won't and shouldn't write that. She's not worth the ink or the paper. Besides if she's really a biatch she will show that thing to everyone she knows and turn it around on you if she can to make you look foolish.

    Ignoring someone and blowing them completely off, there really is no substitute for that. They have no control of that and it really pisses them off IMO. MY 02

    If she calls hang up, if you see her turn the other way, if she talks to you tell her to take a hike, if she writes you a note or sends you an e-mail ignore it. I've been outta the game for a while but that will keep your pimp hand strong IMO.

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    get em ronny get em bro

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