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    Got In Auto Accident and Need Your Help!!

    To make a story very short I hit the rear bumper of another driver. Shes going to get an estimate and Im going to write her a check (Not going to go through insurance since it is just a small scratch).

    My question to you guys is in regards to any documents or papers I should write and have her sign, basically stating that I did pay her for all her damages and that I am waived form any further liability.

    1) Is a letter like this necessary? If so what would it state and if you know a website or book that could help me create a letter like this please let me know the name.

    2) I just tapped her bumper and there are 2 small gouges both an inch in length. There are no cracks or anything major so I assume they will just repaint the bumper. How much would you guess that would cost? If the price seems insane do I have the right to refuse payment and ask for another estimate?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    i owuld defently get some documentation sayign you paid for it and have her sign it, also i don't see why you wouldn't be able to ask her to get another estmite, for a lower price

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    yes get a document, and then take it to the court house, lawyers office or somewhere that has a notariy, and get it notorized...

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    The cost to repaint an entire bumper is on average $150-$300 US depending on the year make and model of the car. Call around a few body shops yourself and ask them approximately what a straight repaint and refinish on this specific vehicle costs. It will give you a better idea and if the price seems outrageous tell her you'd rather have her take the car to YOUR body shop guy considering it is you who is paying for the repair. However she is doing you a favour by not reporting it, so be nice.... and even if you do overpay a little bit it's still worth it if the insurance company doesn't find out about it.

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    dude its a simple contract, you can make it on a napkin if you wanted to. just have a signature space for you, her, and 2 witnesses(to be safe) and make a copy for you and her. say something like: I "your name here" agree to pay damages for " the vehicle" owned by "her name". Payment received in the amount of "amount" was payed in full.

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