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    Ken Jennings' 'Jeopardy!' run is over

    LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Has Ken Jennings ended his "Jeopardy!" streak?

    A report posted Wednesday on TV Week's Web site said the brainy software engineer lost in a show taped Tuesday, walking away after his 75th straight game with about $2.5 million overall in cash and prizes. The magazine cited unidentified sources and said the show would air later this fall.

    A spokesperson for the show told TV Week that it would not disclose whether Jennings lost.

    Calls late Wednesday by The Associated Press to "Jeopardy!" publicist Jeff Ritter and to the show's production offices were not immediately returned.

    Jennings, 30, of Salt Lake City, began his record-breaking run June 2, with a six-week hiatus for summer reruns.

    After winning the show that aired Wednesday, his 41st, he had amassed $1,380,661.

    To mark the start of its 20th season last September, the quiz show lifted its five-game limit for winners and allowed them to keep going until they lose.

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    ahh they rigged it as so he would lose - or they bought him out! He was on such a roll- I was hoping this cat would ride through the next season!

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    i do believe that this story is false, but he has to lose eventually

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    Thanks for RUINING IT MBH!!!!!!! Not like I ever really watched it though lol

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    It sounds like he walked away rather than losing, but afterall this is just speculation.

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