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    job market for personal trainers?

    im graduating this december with a degree in fire science but i want more eductation. i am really in to bbing so i figured being a personal trainer would be a perfect fight. just curious what the market is like if anyone has any experience. i want to focus mainly on diets, but i want to work with ppl that are motivated enough to make the changes. i currently work in a hospital where fat lazy ****heads come in and laugh about there obesity. these ppl have no will power to make the changes they need to in there activity levels and espeically there diets. i want to work with atheletes and teenagers, even middle aged men/women that are overweight, as long as they are willing to make the changes. so what im asking is, is it worth becoming a pt, if so i havent even began to research it but how much educational background is required and what is the job market like.

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    well attitude is alot, and refusing to help someone who is asking is bad already.. so lose that part, ppl of all shapes and sizes have the motivation to gain or lose wt, so go by that, not what they look like, bc alot of ppl with decent bodies dont have a tenth the drive of some ppl who are fat. money and so on depends on where you live, and how good u are.. diet stuff isnt really as goood if your just a PT and dont take the nutrition course, most PT cert centers off one.. either way its what u make of it, and how u treat ppl, if your a arrogant ass who thinks all fat ppl are just fat stupid losers, youll be broke alot. if you actually love this game like u say and wanna help everyonoe then youll be fine.

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