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    is there such a thing as too much mussel?

    I mean seriously, summer is wrapping up and I went to this one last cookout - on 'the cape' of course - and the host got just a little bit carried away with the whole seafood theme. I mean, I'm all for a good clambake and whatnot, but this guy musta done up about 60lbs of the end of the night there were still pots of the stuff left; I don't even want to think how he's going to get rid of it or what it'll make his garbage smell like on trash day.

    I don't know, call me old fashioned, but I think at a good old beach house cookout, you gotta mix up the shellfish with the more traditional cookout fare like burgers and dogs. Am I right? What say you, AR members, is there such a thing as too much mussel??

    *Works Cited

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    lol. nice.

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    Well, if it's zebra mussel then the answer is yes... you can have too much of it


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