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    Cold and tired. Metabolism crash?

    Im rarely ever cold, but the past week i have been very chili. I have also been very tired as well, especially at work. My summer cutting phase ended a couple weeks ago, and i'm just taking a 3 week layoff before i start lifting to bulk up again. My diet is not very different, except about 500 cals more than my cutting diet, so i don't think the energy crash is from a change in carbo intake or anything since i have kept them at the same amount. I'm cold at work, when i get home, when i go to bed. I never get cold like this. Usually I'm hot, and sweat easily. I'm hoping the changed weather is to blame, but why the tired ness?
    I have weaned of the fatburners and been off completely for a few days. I'm guessing that is why my energy sux. However, i was hoping not to crash cuz i weaned of very slowly using only small amounts of caffien the past week and then slowly stopping after I reached 50mg a day.
    Thata about when I started feeling crappy. I also started loading my creatine at 25 g a day. Anybody get tired from just pure creatine? No sugar, no carbs, nothing, just regular pure creatine?I'm drinkin a shytload of water so i don't think the tiredness is from dehydration.

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    thats generally comes with being cold. cold depression sleepy all come inhand, more people become depressed as the weather turns towards winter. I doubt you are depressed but its all how your mind perceives the view.

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