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    Mar 2004

    Anyone else have a turkey fryer?

    Or accses to one? My best bud just got one and we been having some deep fried goodness almost every weekend. So much for doin a lean bulk this year!lol.

    We deep fried chickens, pototoes(made fries, chips), nathans hot dogs,bacon, ring bologna, shrimp, and scallops on his so far.

    Then tonite i freakin filled my boiling pot up with that wicked peanut iol that you use and got fryin myself, just to test out some ideas. I friend fruit, bread, hard boild eggs, oatmeal, hamburger patties. All kind of bad shiiit. I only taste the fried carbs thoug, stuck to the meats.

    Frying is so freakin bad for you cuz fryin makes the oil turn to trans fat and trans fat goes straight to the arteries. They also reduce insulin sensitivity. YIPE.
    But it's so good! I gotta keep my ass in check though, cuz this deep fryin passion could really ruin my beautiful physique.

    any body else like to deep fry? I read up on oils and cocunut is supposed to be the least bad for you.

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    you fried fruit, eggs, and oatmeal....thats disgusting. i do have to admit i am a sucker for fried food though, i hate sweets but every cheat meal has something fried in it. Unless its stouffers mac and cheese..................................

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    I've got a turkey fryer, but I only use mine as a pot for brewing beer.

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    ridin dirty
    after eating a fried turkey, i dont think i could have it any other way for thanksgiving

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    the gym
    I had a fried turkey for the first time this year... it was SOOOO good! I hate sweets, but love fried stuff as well. I guess you could say i have a fat tooth?

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