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Thread: home cookin'

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    home cookin'

    So here at my office was one ladies' last day, and another ones birthday. We had a pot luck italian lunch. I just pigged out on homemade bruschetta lasagna (big corner piece), homemade pizza, some pasta mushroom stuff, garlic bread, and these pizza bread things. The lead nutritionist here is also a chef. He kept telling me how there was over $50 worth of imported cheeses that I have never even heard of in the 2 lasagnas. All I know is it was fukkkin good. Yeah, it's not cheat day, but a college kid like myself absolutely CANNOT turn down this type of home cooked meal. So good I ate 2 1/2 plates worth. The last time I had a homestyle meal like this was..............well I can't even remember when. I'm bulking anyways . Just thought I would share as I know most of you could really appreciate a good homecooked meal.

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    GOD i love going home for the weekend from school and having mommy make me insane amounts of homecooked meals..........turkey sandwhices and george foreman burgers get old after awhile.

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