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    Credit Checks: How the FCK does this work??

    Alright, so alittle over three weeks ago, im sitting down trying to figure out my finances for the next month(s). All of a sudden a hear the mail lady and I was like speak of the devil, I bet my credit card bill is in today. Sure enough it was, but there was a second envelope from the bank as well. This letter stated that the company (TRANS UNION) who investigates peoples credit for the bank reported adverse credit info to the bank so my credit card was immediately canceled.

    I was like WTF! Ive never been late on any bills. It pisssed me off EVEN MORE because I was in the process of filling out some applications for private student loans, which I had to put a hold on immediately.

    So, I call the hotline and state that I want my free credit report so I can see whats on it. It comes in about 6 days later and it has on there that I have some bad medical bill on there. This bill has nothing to do with me. TO make sure I call the medical center that I supposedly got this bill from and talk to the accounts guy. Sure enough, he said he has no clue why this was on there as it has NOTHING to do with me. He says that in their searches it somehow got linked with me, so they just put it on my credit report.

    So NOW, I had to go back onto the trans union webpage and file a dispute where they would then conduct an investigation. According to law, they have 30 days to do this. Its been like 2 weeks now, and its still not fixed. I am so FCKIN PISSED. I mean all they have to do is call this medical company and have them confirm the bill isnt mine. I called Trans Union today and ofcourse their systems were down so they couldnt access my account but either way they still hid behind this federal law that they have 30 days.

    SO, because trans union did not do their job and fcked me over, which means I cannot use my credit card or get my school loans, I have to sit on my @ss for 30 days.

    I still dont get it every time I say it to myself. THEY fcked up my credit by not doing THEIR job, yet they get a whole 30 friggin slack-@ss days to get it fixed.

    Is there anything I can do about this to speed it up, or to report them for being fckin idiots?

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    Nope! Sit back and wait is all you can do. They probably won't even research it and just take it off your report.

    I also have a jacked up medical bill on mine from 1997, wtf?

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    I've had medical bills that WERE mine that were removed when I disputed.

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    all these co ck su ckers are the same. pardon my language but they have done similar things to me although they never sent me ne notice that i had a credit claim against me so it took me two years to figure out why i couldnt get credit newhere.

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    insurance and credit ppl are the lowest forms of life on the planet, below lawyers.. IMO

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    dude, i was in a very similar situation...and i had to wait it out as well. bad bill that should never have been linked to me, was. it delayed my applications for private education loans as well...i'm just lucky, because i *barely* got them in on time to cover my tuition.

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    **** is crazy... you're going to want to get your report from the other credit reporting agencies as well... Equifax and Experian... just to make sure there aren't other **** on there...

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    I work in the mortgage business and pull peoples credit reports all the time. From my years of experience, I can tell you that this happens more than you would believe. You have taken the right steps in clearing this off your credit, however it sometimes takes a while, just stay on top of them...

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    Everyone should get a copy of their credit report and learn what is on their credit...My mom wanted to refinance her house and there were judgements against her house...due to her taxes.....was a bitch but I got it cleaned of....

    Your Credit report is used to get credit cards, business, school, auto, home loans
    it's used to rate your insurance (lower credit higher insurance premiums) that's for homeowners and's also used by employers and could be the deciding factor as to whom gets a position, etc...

    Your credit is not something to play around with.....


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