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Thread: Home Training

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    Home Training

    Looking for sugggestions on some home training gear. Already got an olympic bench, but its kind of hard to cover all the neccesary muscle groups with just a bar and a bench. It just sucks man im minutes both directions from a BULL**** gym and im really just getting fed up with wasting all that time on the road, + gas which aint F*ckin cheep. I need to rig something up to do squats with, and maybe check into a good rack of dumbells any idea's fellas?

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    makeing something for dips is easy u will need about 30 bucks for the stuff tho get 7 4x4s and good steel handles 4x4s are 8 to 10 feet long take 2 of the 7 4x4s cut them in half to make legs take take the third 4x4 and cut it take the other 4 4x4s and cut them down if u dont have the full space for them and make rails now the third 4x4 is to link the two sets of rails together so they dont fall over on u now depending how heavy u are u can take the handles on the sides of the rails or on the top and there u go its kinda old school but i use it and works great and its cheap

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    barbell and dumbells... all u need really IMO..

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