You made me search my ass off for this, now its time to Blast you.
"dude run Test E or Cyp all the way but not both, unless thats all you have then its ok. you need no more than 8 weeks on tren . i'm tempted to tell you 6 weeks because of your experience."
First You need to read with understanding, if not, have someone read for you and then explain whats said. where I get my Information? Books! try investing in Chemical Muscle Enhancement & building the perfect beast Both by ALR and again have someone explain to you what its saying.
Tren is the one of the MOST toxic drug to your liver, but I know a lot of guys go 10 weeks, you can try it if you want, ever heard of toxic hepatitis? it will only take about 40+lbs from you before recovering. Also if you read well you would have understood that I stated to run one Test, either or! but unless thats all you have then its ok. everyone knows that Test is Test only difference is the ester.
Dumb ass you've prove to me that you need to go to some research. you stated that cip (its Cyp! Duh) is fast acting. where do you get your information from? let me teach you something that you obviously dont know about esters.
Test suspension = 8 hours
Test Prop = 3 Days
Test E = 2 Weeks
Test Cyp = 3 Weeks
What does that tell you? Oh you dont understant, sorry, I forgot, I have to explain. This means that Cyp is the Slowest acting ester. LEARN TO READ WITH UNDERSTANDING. i wish you did this on a thread so I could make you look like the DUMB ASS you are. but I'll be sure to keep a copy of this PM to show everyone what an ASS you are. Next time ask questions and be humble.
Respect my knowledge PUNK

Help this poor misguided old man..........keeps PMing me with bad info.................oh yeah why would ugl's make cyp/enth combos?