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    on the dip rack.

    debating to quit flat bench for awhile.

    this is the position im in. ive been powerlifting for awhile and i could firmly tell you that i havnt done a decent incline workout in almost 2 years. the other night i wanted to and i finished with 275x6 on incline bench, and i did incline dumbells with the 120's. i know its horrible.

    my flat work owns my incline badly. i can do almost 100 lbs more on my bench sets, and on the dumbells, well i rarely do them, but i can finish with the 140's.

    im gonna be switching from powerlifting(i quit for now) to bodybuilding so im switching my sets up, do yall think should slow down on the flat work and start to do more incline? most of the muscle in my chest is towards the middle/bottom and i feel i need to bring my upper out more but i just cant bring myself to quit doing flat barbell cuzz im so used to doing them

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    IMO incline is the best thing for your chest. i had a minor shoulder injury about a year ago and couldn't do flat bench, i inclined the whole time and did dumbbells until i was able to bench without pain again. i would still incorporate flat in there from time to time but inclines are superior IMO. can't overlook dumbbells either bro, those are nasty. HOP

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