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    Arrow Testosterone Resistant

    Ok, I'm giving test a try for the last time..I've always had poor gains when I take test, but respond well to other AS.
    I'm on week 6 of 400 Test Cyp/week, and I'm still disappointed.

    I've never take Nolvadex or Clomid during my cycles.

    Anyone else have this problem? Am I test resistant, or is my aromatase working extra fast, and all that estrogen is working against the test?

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    ive had the same problem, ran test+eq twice with no results. the only real noticable effects were my hairline....alot of people i talked to said it was probly fake gear but thats not possible, some people just arent effected by test the way most people are....after those 2 dissapointing cycles and spending my money, ive decided to stay natural from now on...(maybe some clen though)

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    Wrong section, but there are numerous factors that could be the issue. I will list a couple"

    -Are your products legit? Since you have good results on other AAS I think this could be the problem.....but if its not, then you need to look at:

    -How is your diet? Are you eating enough, are you gettting enough protein?

    -How is your workout? Any changes that need to be made there?

    -Are there any stresses in your life that could seriously be hampering your recovery?

    -What are your stats? If you're a big guy, then you might need more gear to get the results you are expecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanLegend

    -How is your diet? Are you eating enough, are you gettting enough protein?
    Bingo... this right here IS the key factor for ANY growth... if your not eating and eating right.. you wont grow, no matter how much gear you take.

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