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    I'm back.......

    I've been away.

    heres how its gone... I had to pack and make money for a week in august, before moving 2,500 miles away from home. Which precluded me from really being in the gym and dieting. On the plane ride out here and i got a nice little case of strep that kept me from eating at all for 10 days... which somehow led into 2 months of drinking most nights (college student)... which in all honesty - probably did more good than harm if u can believe it. i've met so many hot girls that i dont remember meeting until they prompt me when they see me again. i'm half kidding.

    I'm still comfortable with my body since the worst that happens to it is that sometimes i start looking like a calvin klein model. Anyway, i'm getting back in the gym and i've finally got some challenging schoolwork/ part job stuff coming up.... so i'll be around here again finally, dieting and such. i don't mean to sound lame, but i'll admit ive missed this place a tad...

    oh yea..... VOTE TOMORROW

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    Glad to hear you're doing well bro, nice too see you back on the boards... welcome home ...

    BTW.. I suggest you get tested on the ASAP lol..

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    Aw crap.

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    i here ya man i got a case of strep laid in bed for 10 days and lost 6 pounds

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    Nice to have you back bro...where abouts are you going to school....did you go from the east to the west or vice versus?

    Anyway, good to have you back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blown_SC
    BTW.. I suggest you get tested on the ASAP lol..
    its a good thing the only action u get is your hand, no need to get tested from that

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