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    Samoth...Other physicists

    Are you familiar with Dr. Steven M. Greer? He seems to be pioneering the push for ZPE and he believes there is a conspiracy to prevent new technology from eliminating the need for fossil fuels. Seems a little far fetched to me although it makes sense. Here is a quote

    "The special interests, cartels, power centers and the like that do not want a replacement for oil, coal, centralized public utilities and the internal combustion engine have enormous power to block the release of such a new energy technology. These interests have done so by subterfuge, abuse of so-called national security provisions, buying the rights to such a system and then burying it on a 'black shelf', threats, intimidation, assassination, etc."

    He claims the for the last 75 years we could have had a replacement for fossil fuel.
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    Honestly, Greer is looked upon as ... well, less than credible ... in the physics community. Frankly, he's looked upon as a crackpot, hoaxster, fraud, and mentally-ill conspiracy theorist.

    He truly believes in what he does, and he works very hard at it. However, someone who claims that there are aliens on earth has quite the burdon of proof to bare. This requires a substantial amount of evidence, none of which Greer has been able to come up with.

    About the zero point energy: ZPE represents the lowest possible energy state of a vacuum. Since the only real way to extract energy from a system is to send it to a lower energy state, it suggests there's a serious problem with this idea. The laws of physics don't allow for perpetual motion machines or similar ways to get something for nothing. The whole thing with the plates is that they work with wavelengths on a quantum level -- scaling up to the macroscopic world can't happen.

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