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    I am really really sorry (Kingofmasters)...

    Okay bros I swear the reason why I wasn't here for the last month is very important...

    About Monday I will be back and kicking and I will take my time answering all my PM's...
    (Will reply to all those even if it will take me several days )

    I especially apologize to people whose PM seemed very important and thus now I will be far too late to be of any assitance..
    And offcourse one of my Closest Bros SV-1 for not replying to him...

    After this weekend my annoying know-it-all arrogance will be back and ready for all questions...

    Please spread the word that I haven't forgotten my bros here or am to stuck up to reply to any questions or requests, also the trusted few asking for more personal guidance will not be forgotten!

    Hope to get all the madness of the last couple of months done and hang out here as usual,


    (Especially the Leptin-issue in the infamous DNP thread will get my destructive judgement since too much nonsense has been said about it allready
    A MasterClass Genetics will come in Handy
    and please if you feel like it read something simple like Essential Cell Biology by Alberts and a book about Human Embryology before saying anything about certain controversial issues like Leptine and its role in the metabolism)

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    Was just about to send you a PM

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    good too see u back bro. cant wait to read more of your post and leanr **** i dont konw

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    alas, you have returned, and i can get my miget porn back... i mean my friends miget porn..

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