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    little creative help

    hey bros- i dont get to go home often for the holidays- since i graduated i've either been in the military or living out of state.... anyway, me and my brother have what you call a special we play rather hanous pranks on one another and i'm running out of ideas- the only i thing i can think of is replacing his shampoo with nare..bwhaaaa
    anyway- only real limits are of course no one needs to go to the hospital- and it has to be within a poor students fixed income...
    lets hear some

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    ridin dirty
    i think it was heavyhitter that had the idea of replacing his favorite jerking lotion with icy hot......that'd be pretty hilarious.

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    id put crushd glass in his food, i saw it on Oz.. there were pullin this prank on this mob guy to make him feel more welcome, and put it in his food and he spat up some blood, it was a huge surprise and i bet made him feel completely like he was not gonna get the best prank in.. try that..

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